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Sermon Audio – Zechariah

Sometimes things do not work out like we hope. Whether it is something we buy, an experience, or even a relationship, sometimes our hopes are disappointed. Here’s one we can probably all identify with: the movie you go to see is a total dud. Or maybe the new piece of technology you have had your heart set on doesn’t do what you wanted it to do. But those are small examples. Let’s think bigger.

Maybe it is a vacation you have been anticipating and saving for that ends up a flop. Or even more significantly, maybe it is a job that you thought would be a perfect fit that turned out very different than you were told. Or maybe it is a relationship that you expected to bring you joy and fulfillment but has instead resulted in frustration and disappointment. Part of living in this fallen world is dealing with disappointment when promises don’t deliver what we were expecting.

The Jews who returned to the Promised Land after 70 years of exile knew that all too well. Last week Pastor Larry explained how this remnant of 50,000 Jews had returned to the land and began rebuilding the temple. But opposition soon brought the building to a halt. About a decade later Haggai came onto the scene in the Fall of 520 BC, where for four months he called the Jews to resume working on the temple.

Zechariah’s ministry began during Haggai’s ministry, but then extended beyond it into at least the next year and probably beyond. Both leading up to and during the exile God had promised that one day his people would return to the land and live under a king from David’s line. The temple would be rebuilt even more glorious than before, and the people would be empowered to obey. But their reality fell way short of those promises. So through Zechariah, God lifts the eyes of the people to the promised king and his kingdom.

Want to hear more? You can listen here to the audio of this overview sermon of Zechariah.