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He is Risen!

Go, make the tomb secure as you know how:
Send out a watch–you have the guards you need.
And set the seal: if death does not give heed
To this, at least prospective thieves will bow
Before raw military might, and plow
Some other furrow less foreboding, freed
From threat of soldiers’ angry blows. This seed,
Pernicious rumor, can be stifled now.
     The One enthroned in heaven laughs an scoffs.
     Imagine stone to hold th’eternal Son!.
     Imagine that a seal could be enough
     To stay redemption’s plan now well begun!
The stone retreats: three days have run their course.
No seal, no soldier can restrain this corpse.

-Taken from D.A. Carson, Holy Sonnets of the Twentieth Century (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1994), 61.