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On this page I have included some short articles or handouts that I have used in various contexts. You are free to use them for your own personal benefit, but if you are going to copy/reproduce them I would ask you to email me for permission.

Reading the Bible in Light of the Whole Story

This handout is an attempt to help people learn to read the Bible with the whole storyline of Scripture in view.


The following are various articles I have written on different websites, such as and

What does Faith Mean?

What was Jesus doing before he was born in Bethlehem?

How do we know the Gospels show us the real Jesus?

Can Jesus really “live in my heart”?

Is the God of the OT different than the God of the NT?

Why did God love us enough to send Jesus?

Did Jesus say anything about pornography?

What does it mean to be “clothed in Christ”?

What does “saint” mean?

If I prayed to “accept Jesus into my heart” is that enough?

Did Jesus say there is a hell?

How to have unshakable joy like Paul




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  1. Great article, Matt. Pam and I are putting together a study for our kids on how to study the Bible and this article came up in a search I did. You can imagine my surprise when I saw your name at the bottom. Thanks for making it available.

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