Mondays with Marty

In this week’s installment from Off the Record with Martin Luther, Luther reminds us what a blessing it is to love God’s Word:

115. When the topic turned to the disrespect for the Word of God prevalent among the peasants, nobles and townspeople, he said: This disrespect should be a comfort to us and an admonition that we should give God thanks for these blessings: that we are those who love His Word, diligently listen to and study the Word of God, and that we desire Holy Scripture. For it is a great punishment and a severe judgment of God, that one would hold God and His Word in such contempt, that one would not hear it and will neither honor nor respect His ministers.  (p. 309).

DISCLAIMER: The views reflected in this quote do not necessarily reflect those of the author of this blog. This quote is shared in the interest of edification, education, and/or humor.

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