Week 7 – 2 Peter 2:1-10a

With the truthfulness of the gospel established on eyewitness testimony of the apostles (1:16-18) and the OT Scriptures (1:19-21), Peter now moves to warn about the false teachers who threaten the church (2:1-10a).

Just as Israel had to deal with false prophets, so too the church must contend with false teachers who deny Christ through their sexual immorality and greed (2:1-3a). Peter assures his readers that the false teachers face certain judgment from God (2:3b-10a). Since God did not spare angels, the ancient world, or Sodom & Gomorrah but preserved righteous Noah and Lot, he knows how to rescue the godly from trials and punish the wicked.

Want to hear more? You can listen to the audio and follow along with the handout below:

Week 7 – 2 Peter 2,1-10a (Handout)

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