Week 1: Jude 1-4

Jude is one of the most neglected books in the NT. Whether because of its size or some of the unusual material within it, many in the church either ignore it or know little about it. Yet Jude’s warning about false teaching and the call to persevere in the true gospel desperately need to be heard in today’s church.

This past Sunday I began a 12 week class on Jude and 2 Peter at my church (Christ’s Covenant Church). Our first session covered the introduction to Jude and the first four verses. You can listen to the audio below and follow along with the provided handout.

P.S. Teaching through Jude and 2 Peter is an outflow of a short commentary on these two letters that I am writing for Crossway in the ESV Bible Expositional Commentary series.

Weeek 1 – Jude 1-4 (Handout)

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