Announcing Bibleworks 10

For the last two months I have been working on another secret project: serving as a beta tester for Bibleworks 10. I have been using Bibleworks for over 20 years (starting with version 3.0!), and it has become an essential tool for me in studying God’s Word. Hardly a day goes by where I do not open Bibleworks, whether it’s to help me work on a lecture, write a book, prepare a sermon, or simply grow in my relationship with God. It is the Bible software that I recommend to my students and train them how to use. The value of what you get in the base package is simply without parallel in the world of Bible software. With the release of version 10, Bibleworks has further cemented its place as the premier software for studying the Biblical text, especially in the original languages.

The base package includes a number of improvements to an already strong foundation. In addition to several changes that allow the user greater flexibility in the interface, Bibleworks 10 includes a number of new features. An EPUB reader allows you to use e-books to enhance your study of Scripture. The Forms tab instantly allows you to see all the forms of a word and the number of occurrences of each form. The User Lexicon Tab allows you to create your own custom lexical entry for words that is saved automatically. High resolution images of the Leningradensis Codex allow you to see the manuscript basis for many of our Hebrew texts, joining an existing collection of key NT manuscripts. Sound files for the Greek NT allow you to listen to the text being read.

Bibleworks 10 also has several new add-on modules available for an additional cost. Perhaps the most exciting are the Stuttgart Original Languages Packages OT and NT editions.  These modules contain the critical apparatus found in the printed text (NT=NA28; OT=BHS4) as well as other tools produced by German Bible Society. The ESV Bible Atlas is another helpful resource available as well.

You can find ordering information here or upgrade information here: Here is a brief video introducing Bibleworks 10:


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