Week 10 – God’s Judgment on the Nations (46:1-51:64)

Whereas Jeremiah 34:1-45:5 focuses on God’s judgment on Judah, chapters 46-51 describe his condemnation of the nations. Among the nations that receive special attention are Egypt (ch. 46), Moab (ch. 48), and Babylon (chs. 50-51). Yet in the midst of these oracles of judgment there are glimpses of hope. YHWH will not bring Judah to a complete end (47:27-28) but rather restore them (50:4-10, 17-20), and his salvation will extend to the nations in the latter days (46:27; 48:47).

As believers we have been saved through judgment. By faith we have died with Christ, been buried with him, and raised with him to new life. In him we have experienced a mini-“day of YHWH” in which our sins have been judged and we have emerged vindicated with Jesus through his resurrection.

Want to hear more? You can listen below and follow along with the handout:

Week 10 -God’s Judgment on the Nations (Handout)

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