Week 9 – God Judges Judah Part 2 (Jer 40:1-45:5)

This week we worked through the the second part of a section (34:1-45:5) that details God’s judgment on Judah. Jeremiah 40 picks up the story in the days after Babylon destroyed Jerusalem. Although Jeremiah is given his freedom, he is quickly caught in the middle of the drama that unfolded. Gedaliah, the Judean governor appointed by the Babylonians, is murdered by Ishmael, a Judean rebel. Eventually Ishmael is forced to flee to Ammon, but the remaining Judeans fear retribution from Babylon for the death of Gedaliah. Despite YHWH’s warning through Jeremiah not to do so, the remnant heads for Egypt. Despite the judgment they survived in Judah, the people persist in their rebellion.

Along the way we see God’s remarkable promise to be with his people to save them (Jer 42:11), which anticipates God being with us in the person of Jesus to save us from our sins (cp. Matt 1:21-23). We also see that we must allow God’s Word to interpret our circumstances rather than allow our circumstances to trump God’s Word

Want to heear more? You can listen to the audio and follow along with the handout below:

Week 9 -God Judges Judah Part 2 (Handout)

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