Week 7 – Restoration for Israel and Judah (Jer 30:1-33:26)

Working your way through the first 29 chapters of Jeremiah can feel like walking through a desert of judgment with an occasional puddle of hope. But when we get to Jeremiah 30-33, we reach the oasis of restoration and hope.  Within these chapters the new covenant established by a Davidic king bursts into open view to inspire God’s people to put their hope in him.

As believers we have the joy of being under that promised new covenant through the work of Christ. His death and resurrection inaugurated the new covenant that offers full and final forgiveness of sins. As the Righteous Branch he gives his righteousness to his people so that they are called “the Lord is our righteousness.”

Want to hear more? You can listen to the audio below and follow along with the handout.

Week 7 -Restoration for Judah and Israel (Handout)

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