The Responsibilities of Church Membership (Acts 2:42-47)

One of the defining characteristics of our culture is a fear of commitment. We love to keep our options open, not get ourselves locked into something that is difficult to get ourselves out of. According to a study released in 2013, by the age of 30 years old, 75% of women in the U.S. have lived with a partner without being married.[1] About 40% of those relationship ended up in marriage within three years, while nearly a third were still together living together without being married.

This lack of commitment has infected the church as well. Some churches have done away with the notion of membership altogether. Other churches still have it, but do almost nothing with it. As a result, it is common for churches to have a large number of regular attenders who are not members.

Despite its growing unpopularity, I still believe that church membership is a biblical idea. In essence, it is a formal expression of our love and commitment to Christ and his church. So what then are the responsibilities of being a member of a local church?

That is the question I sought to answer in my recent sermon at Christ’s Covenant Church. Taking Acts 2:42-47 as my text, I summarized our responsibilities as (1) be involved and (2) be invested.

If you have ever wondered what your responsibilities are as a faithful member of a local church are, I encourage you to listen and learn.


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