Week 3 – Israel’s Covenant Adultery (Jeremiah 2:1-6:30)

As we reach week 3 in our study of Jeremiah, we now move into Jeremiah’s prophecies. Our section was Jeremiah 2:1-6:30, which contains a series of five messages that describe Israel’s breaking of their covenant with the Lord. Israel is an adulterous wife who has pursued other gods (2:1–3:5), so God is calling her to repent (3:6–4:4) because disaster is coming (4:5–31). Judah’s stubborn refusal to repent will bring serious consequences (5:1–31) and result in God rejecting his people (6:1–30). Throughout this section God reminds Israel of his particular love for them—he is Israel’s husband who redeemed her out of slavery in Egypt and entered into an exclusive covenant with them. Such extraordinary grace makes Israel’s unfaithfulness all the more shocking. Jeremiah 2:1–6:30 vividly describes Judah’s persistent idolatry as spiritual adultery that violates Yahweh’s covenant with them.

Want to hear more? You can listen to the audio below and follow along with the handout as well:

Week 3 -Israel’s Covenant Adultery (Handout)

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