Noteworthy Book: The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus by Alan Thompson

For those interested in biblical theology, there is no better series than the New Studies in Biblical Theology edited by D.A. Carson. Last summer I had the privilege of leading a reading group through one of the recent volumes in this series (2011): The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus: Luke’s Account of God’s unfolding Plan by Alan Thompson.

Given the size and scope of Acts, Thompson selects several key themes to trace through Acts: the kingdom of God (ch. 1), resurrection and the last days (ch. 2), Israel and the Gentiles (ch. 3), the Holy Spirit (ch. 4), the temple (ch. 5), and the Law (ch. 6). As the title of the book suggests, Thompson places significant emphasis on the work of the risen Jesus through the Holy Spirit in the inaugurated but not-yet consummated kingdom of God.

For those interested in the intersection of exegesis, history, theology, and the church, this book is an excellent companion to studying Acts. Thompson provides a number of insights along the way and challenges the reader to not merely understand Acts but apply it to our lives as individual believers and corporate bodies of believers. As our church preaches through Acts beginning this Fall, this book will be one of the key resources we will use to help our people understand important themes in the book.

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