Mondays with Marty

In this week’s installment from Off the Record with Martin Luther, Luther speaks about the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us:

6896. Just as the Holy Spirit is stout-hearted, and scorns death and all danger, so are true Christians in whom the Holy Spirit resides brave and resolute. For a Christian is defiant, and proclaims: “If God does not want me alive, then I will die; if he does not want me rich, then I will be poor.” But the Devil’s spirit deceives and makes one depressed. That is why God speaks defiantly to the snakes and Pharisees, the hypocrites, as he said in Deuteronomy 28:63: He will rise up and bring ruin and destruction. (p. 388)

DISCLAIMER: The views reflected in this quote do not necessarily reflect those of the author of this blog. This quote is shared in the interest of edification, education, and/or humor.

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