My 2013 Bible Reading Plan

As today marks the beginning of 2013, I thought I would briefly share my own Bible reading plan for this year. I’m not suggesting you necessarily follow it, but some may find it helpful to see what I am doing and the rationale behind it. There are four parts to it.

1. Read through the Old Testament in English. I find it immensely beneficial to read through the entire Old Testament each year. Every time through I see new things such as connections to Christ, nuances in familiar stories, and fresh application to my life. To accomplish this part of the reading plan, I use the Old Testament portion of the M’Cheyne Bible Reading plan. This is the staple of my Bible reading, something which I make time for every day.

2. Read through the New Testament in Greek. The best way (besides teaching it!) that I have found to not only maintain but deepen my grasp of Greek is consistent reading through the New Testament. I have been using this plan for the past three years, and I love it. You read one chapter per day unless the chapter is 38 verses or longer. This allows for 2-3 catch-up days at the end of each month. I recommend using this Greek text as it provides the vocab for every word occurring less than 30x in the NT.

3. Read through Isaiah in Hebrew. In an effort to sharpen my Hebrew I am taking on this project as well. I have set up a plan in Logos that sets the pace for me to read through the entire book by reading three times a week. I chose Isaiah because I am already familiar with the book from my dissertation.

4. Read through Isaiah in Greek. In an effort to improve my comfort level with LXX Greek, I am also reading through Isaiah in the LXX as I do the Hebrew. Not only will this sharpen my Greek, but it will help me notice differences between the Hebrew and the Greek texts.

I recognize that this is ambitious, and time will tell whether I can keep the pace. And I certainly don’t recommend that you imitate my exact plan. But whatever you decide, there is no substitute for making a plan.

So what is your plan for reading the Bible in 2013?

One thought on “My 2013 Bible Reading Plan”

  1. I’ve not made a plan for the year, but for the next 100 days.

    I plan to read: Psalms, Genesis, Matthew, and Paul.

    There are 100 chapters in Paul (if you include Hebrews) and I have 100 days plans for Matthew and the Psalms. Genesis has 50, so I can re-read each chapter or simply read half a chapter per day. All the reading is in Greek except for the Psalms (KJV). This should be easily doable as most of this is simple Greek.

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