Noteworthy Book: Kingdom through Covenant by Peter Gentry & Stephen Wellum

The debate between dispensationalists and covenant theologians has raged for decades and shows no signs of abating. In the midst of that debate some have tried to carve out a middle path between the two. Unfortunately, there has rarely been an attempt to produce a major volume articulating such a middle road.

Into that gap step Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum. Both teach at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Gentry teaches Old Testament while Wellum teaches Systematic Theology. Together they have written Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical Understanding of the Covenants. In it they argue for a position they label “progressive covenantalism” as a middle road between dispensationalism and covenant theology.

I am only half way through the book right now, but The Gospel Coalition has published three reviews from three different theological perspectives:

Dispensational: Darrell Bock

Historic PreMillennial: Doug Moo

Covenant Theology: Michael Horton

They have also now posted a response to these reviews by Peter Gentry:

Response: Peter Gentry

Regardless of where you land on the theological spectrum, this book is a major contribution to the conversation and deserves a careful read.

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