Welcome to MatthewSHarmon.com!

The fact you are reading this post means you have found your way to my new online home. After years of using Blogger to host my personal blog, I have come to the point where I wanted to expand beyond simply maintaining a blog to a website with a variety of resources. While I am still building much of what is here, let me give you a brief orientation.


Articles & Handouts

Here I will post various articles or handouts that I have used in my teaching and preaching ministry.


I have provided a list of my various publications such as books, articles, essays, and book reviews.

Recommended Reading

Over time I will be posting recommended reading on various subjects and rating them in terms of usefulness and level.

Sermons & Lectures

On this page I will provide links (when available) to various sermons, lectures, and other teaching/speaking opportunities.


In addition to these new features, I plan to resume more regular posting. In addition to bringing back Mondays with Marty, I plan to begin sharing short snippets from the Philippians commentary I am currently writing. I have also imported all of the content of the previous blog.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by to my new online home. I hope you’ll come back again often and join the conversation.

NOTE: If you have been accessing the old blog through an RSS Reader, be sure to update your feed to this new address. Spread the word!

UPDATE: I have now added a link to the right that allows you to subscribe to the blog in your RSS Feeder.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to MatthewSHarmon.com!”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, James. Updating your RSS feed depends on which one you use. I personally use Google reader, so I know how to do that one. If it’s another one, someone else may have to chime in and help.

  2. James,

    On the left side of your Google Reader page, there should be a “subscribe” button. Click on that and it should bring up a popup box where you can either type in or paste the link to http://www.matthewsharmon.com. Then click on “add” or hit return and it should be added.

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