Review of She Must and Shall Go Free

It is both a strange and humbling experience to have something you have written reviewed by someone you have never met. Yesterday, a review of my published dissertation She Must and Shall Go Free: Paul’s Isaianic Gospel in Galatians was published in Themelios 37.1. You can read the review here.

The reviewer, John Anthony Dunne, was kind enough to send me an advance copy to ensure that he represented my views fairly. He was more than fair; in fact, he is exceptionally gracious when he writes:

Overall, Harmon’s book is an exciting and informative read. His explanations are insightful, and he includes many helpful charts comparing the MT and LXX of Isaiah with Pauline texts. Although a few of Harmon’s suggestions are not fully convincing to me, he succeeds in demonstrating how impactful Isaiah was for Paul as he wrote his letter to the Galatians. She Must and Shall Go Free is a must-read for those serious about Galatians and Paul’s use of the OT.

To God be the glory for Dunne’s kind words and any usefulness my work might have for understanding God’s Word better!

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  1. I have to get to Grace’s library and check out a copy. Either that or save my pennies and purchase one.

    Congratulations Dr. Harmon!

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