Mondays with Marty

In this week’s installment from Off the Record with Martin Luther, Luther reveals the secret to defeating our greatest enemy:
3643. Do you want to learn how to defeat the greatest, most heinous and most destructive enemy; the enemy who would otherwise devour you and destroy both body and soul; against whom one would spend all his money to purchase all available weapons; spend his last penny just to learn this skill? It is a sweet, dear little herb called patience!

Yes, where can I find such a medicinal herb? My answer to that is: “Take to heart Belief, which says that no one shall bring you harm without the will of God.” And if it does happen, then it is a result of God’s friendly, merciful will, and your enemy will bring upon himself a hundred times more harm than you. Only love flows out and says: “I will do nothing but good to him in return for evil, and let him collect fiery coals upon his head.” Those are the weapons on which conquer the enemy, who appear as big as mountains, and whom cannot be otherwise conquered or destroyed with iron and steel. (p. 135)

DISCLAIMER: The views reflected in this quote do not necessarily reflect those of the author of this blog. This quote is shared in the interest of edification, education, and/or humor.

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