Mondays with Marty

In this week’s installment from Off the Record with Martin Luther, Luther describes three kinds of people:
5956. There are three types of people: 1. The majority of people, who are completely self-confident and live without the slightest pang of conscience and have no sense of God’s wrath. 2. Those whom God has frightened with the Law, who flee and are ringed with dougt, like Paul. 3. Those who in their fear suddenly hear the preaching of the Gospel of merciful forgiveness of sins and accept it.   (pp. 297-98).
DISCLAIMER: The views reflected in this quote do not necessarily reflect those of the author of this blog. This quote is shared in the interest of edification, education, and/or humor.

One thought on “Mondays with Marty”

  1. I like that one. I think Luther was admonishing us to be like the third hearer and accept the Grace of God as a washing of our fear and guilt.
    Thanks for getting these quotes out on the web. I enjoy them.

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