Video Podcast: What is the Gospel? Part 2

As part of our church’s Grow Initiative, we have begun selecting one book a quarter that we are encouraging our people to read. Because the gospel is so foundational, we began with Greg Gilbert’s book What Is the Gospel?. The book does an excellent job of explaining in very simple but profound terms the basics of the gospel message. In his foreword to the book, D.A. Carson writes:
“This book does not so much claim to break new ground as survey afresh some old ground that should never have been ignored, much less abandoned…This book will sharpen the thinking of not a few mature Christians. More importantly, it is a book to distribute widely to church leaders, young Christians, and even some who have not yet trusted Christ who want a clear explanation of what the gospel is. Read it, then buy a box of them for generous distribution.” (p. 14)
To help our people identify and digest key aspects of the book and its implications, several staff and I recorded a video podcast discussing the book. Here is part two of that podcast:

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