Keeping Your Greek

This is the time of the year when Greek students are wrapping up the semester and looking forward to their summer break. For some it means the end of their formal Greek study, while for others merely a three month pause until they resume in the Fall. Other readers of this blog are actively involved in ministry and are years removed from their Greek studies. Regardless of which one of these situations describes you, Constantine Campbell has written a book for you. The title says it all: Keep Your Greek: Strategies for Busy People. Based on a series of blogposts, Campbell provides equal parts motivation and tips to equip you to fight the good fight of language retention, all in less than 100 pages.
After a brief introduction, Campbell offers the following ten tips, each with its own brief chapter:

  1. Read Every Day
  2. Burn Your Interlinear
  3. Use Software Tools Wisely
  4. Make Vocabulary Your Friend
  5. Practice Your Parsing
  6. Read Fast
  7. Read Slow
  8. Use Your Senses
  9. Get Your Greek Back
  10. Putting It All Together

The book then concludes with an Appendix for current Greek students entitled “Getting It Right the First Time.”
In my estimation this is now the go-to resource to help students think through practical ways they can keep their Greek fresh.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Greek”

  1. “Make Vocabulary Your Friend”: Thanks for reminding me of the gospel: I too was an enemy who has now been reconciled.

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