Meet My Students at Theological College o Central Africa (TCCA)

Although I am teaching just two more days before leaving, I wanted to introduce you to the students I have been teaching here at the Theological College of Central Africa (TCCA – affectionately called “Teeka”). Here is a picture I took this morning:

From Left to Right: Me, Jose Lausu Leonardo, Donald Munachoonga, Charity Kombe, Terence Kombe, David Matolokoshi, Mercy Rukundo

Let me tell you a little bit about each of them so you can be praying for them:

  • Jose Lausu Leonardo: Jose is my only student not from Zambia; he is instead from Angola. He has already been actively involved in ministry there, helping to train people to take the gospel into the school system and reaching out into remote villages that have yet to be reached with the Gospel. He is single, but praying for God to give him a helper suitable for him.
  • Donald Munachoonga: Donald is married but as of yet has no children. He asks good questions and makes perceptive comments in class.
  • Terence & Charity Kombe: This married couple has a four-year old daughter. They are preparing for full time ministry, but are not sure where. Terence is also a very good athlete.
  • David Matolokoshi: David is a single man who is also preparing for full-time ministry, though he was actively serving in his church before coming to TCCA. He is very thoughtful and asks good questions that make me think.
  • Mercy Rukundo: Although she is rather quiet in class, she is an excellent student. Her husband Paul is a second year student here at TCCA as well. They have a son named Shalom.

All of these students are in their first year here at TCCA. The class I am teaching is part of their core curriculum. It has been such a joy to introduce them afresh to the person of Jesus Christ as he is revealed in each of the Gospels. I think the greatest joy I experience as a professor/teacher is helping students to see or understand something for the first time, and observe the joy of discovering something new. I have had that privilege several times thus far.

Their final exam is on Thursday, and I know they would appreciate your prayers for them. Pray that God will use what they are learning to build a foundation for a lifetime of faithful love for and service to Christ. They will be taking the gospel to places that most of us will never see, and it has been a privilege to play a small part in equipping them for that task.

Friday afternoon I leave for the United States, and arrive late Saturday afternoon in Denver. Please pray for smooth travels and no delays as I am eager to see my family. Thanks so much for all of you who have prayed for me and my students during this trip.

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  1. Dr. Harmons, your love toward God, His word, His people and His service is inspiring. Thank you for the opportunity to teach us! José Leonardo

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