Categorizing Four Different Reformed Approaches to Gospel and Culture

Continuing our discussion of the relationship between the gospel and culture, here is an interesting article that divides present day Reformed approaches to the question into four camps: (1) neo-calvinism, which focuses on the comprehensive claims of the gospel; (2) two kingdom approach, which stresses the distinctiveness of the church from the culture; (3) neo-puritans, who emphasize the sovereignty of God and the role of the individual in seeking the good of the city; (4) old-calvinism, which contends that cultural engagement inevitably leads to worldliness.

While not the final word on the subject, the article is definitely a helpful (albeit brief!) overview of how different folks in the Reformed family approach a challenging issue.

HT: Kevin DeYoung

3 thoughts on “Categorizing Four Different Reformed Approaches to Gospel and Culture”

  1. Dear Matt,

    I am very interested in reading your articles but the window about the poeple groups obscures half of the text so I can’t actually see some of what you write. it might be my computer but could you check and see if you couldn’t shrink that window a bit so i could see your article? thanks so much. Steve

  2. Matt,

    Thanks for your article and writings on current movements in theology. I appreciate this last article you posted because of the growing interest of Calvinism within younger Christians. I like to hear more of your thoughts regarding contemporay writers, like Piper and Driscoll, who are having a huge influence on a younger evangelical community. Keep posting.

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