2 thoughts on “The “Evangelical Drudge Report” Changes Address”

  1. Hi Matt…love your blog.

    Question…do you believe that dispensationalism is losing its grip in American evangelicalism? It certainly seems to be… and I’m not so sure that is a bad thing. I am intrigued with the resurgence of reformed theology. Just would love to hear your thoughts. (I am a graduate from Philadelphia College of Bible…years ago, and I know you teach at a seminary which has historically been a predominant proponent of dispensationalism. Where do you see it all heading? Thanks Matt.

  2. Bev G,

    That’s a tough question to answer in the comments of a blogpost! In such a discussion I think it is important to distinguish between classic and progressive dispensationalism. Classical dispensationalism is definitely on the decline, but progressive seems to be holding steady. On the lay level I think that dispensationalism remains very common and popular, but within the seminaries and the academy is declining (classical much more than progressive). I see no reason to believe that trend will change anytime soon.

    I would also note that “Reformed” and “Dispensational” are not necessarily opposites. There are a large number of people who are reformed in their soteriology (understanding of the nature of salvation) but dispensational in their eschatology (understanding of the last things).

    That’s a very short answer to a very big question 🙂

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