Two Web Resources on Paul’s Use of Scripture

As some of you know, one of my research specialties is Paul’s use of the OT. There are two new web resources related to the subject worth noting.

The first is a blog entitled Paul and Scripture. Although there are not regular posts, the value of this site is that the 2006 papers for the Paul and Scripture seminar of the Society of Biblical Literature are available for free download (scroll down the page). Also available are the abstracts of the papers for this year’s conference.

The second is a searchable bibliography of titles related to Paul & Scripture. It is currently in the process of being compiled, so thus far only 342 titles are included. But over time the goal will be to have a bibliography database that is reasonably comprehensive and searchable. When you go to the front page, you will see a list of recently added titles. For the full list, simply click on “Resources –> List” and then on the next page click on “First Creator” then “List” and that will provide you with the entire list of works. Or you can search for specific authors, titles, etc.

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