Introducing the Newest Member of the Harmon Family

You are looking at the latest addition to our family and his namesake. Meet Luther, our 10 1/2 week old Boston Terrier puppy. We have had him now for almost two weeks, and he is already displaying personality characteristics consistent with his namesake. Some have even suggested there is a physical resemblance, but no consensus has emerged.

He is still learning to do his business outside rather than inside, but we are optimistic that eventually he will learn the appropriate place to relieve himself. Although theologically I know that he lacks a sin nature, there are times that my belief is tested!

Luther has already brought much joy into our family and we hope that in God’s providence he will grant us many years to enjoy Luther.

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Newest Member of the Harmon Family”

  1. Bryan,

    I am primarily thinking of the blend “playfulness” (as evidenced by his Table Talk discussions) and “warmth” (evidenced by his pastoral care). Our Luther loves to play but very much enjoys a good snuggle.

    As to the cursing of Catholics, until I am given the gift interpreting “dog tongue” I am unable to comment.


  2. congrats.

    i’ve been bugging my wife for some time that athanasius would make a great name for our next son, due in october.

    she has stonewalled that suggestion…but maybe she’ll accept it as a dog name.

    here’s hoping your dog does not inherit luther’s “intestinal issues.”

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