And Now for Something Entirely Unrelated …

Today’s post is a hiatus from biblical theology and the emerging/emergent church discussion for something much more banal. Here is my question: should I create a Facebook or MySpace account? Several people recently have suggested the need for me to do so, and I have been resistant. But I might be able to be persuaded that one or both would be a good idea.

So, what do you think? For those of you who have such accounts, why do you have them and what benefits and drawbacks do you see with them? For those who do not, why not?

8 thoughts on “And Now for Something Entirely Unrelated …”

  1. If you’re going to create one, go with Facebook. MySpace is overrated and cacophonous. Facebook doesn’t allow or require extensive customization, and actually pulls in all of your “friend” updates, rather than forcing you to visit each friend’s page to see if they have updated.

    Facebook all the way.

  2. Go with Facebook – besides being highly addictive it can sometimes be really helpful. Plus it means you can connect with people on the otherside of the world who read your blog (like me!).

  3. Forget myspace. Facebook is really the way to go. Grace has an extensive network of students, alum, and profs already moving on Facebook. My experience has been nothing but positive on Facebook. To be fair I’ve never had a myspace account but my friends that have complain of the sometimes sexually suggestive ads that are run on the site. Just my thoughts.

  4. I do not do either, mainly for the same reason I do not play Fantasy Football anymore (much as I’d like to). In a word (or two): TIME SUCKAGE. I have a pastorate, a family, reading and studying to do, etc. I already don’t have enough time, and how putzing around online with Facebook could supplant other priorities is beyond me. I think people must have too much time on their hands.

    But, in all fairness, maybe I shouldn’t read blogs then either!

    Them is my two pennies.

  5. Matt,

    Personally, I use Facebook; it is more intelligently laid out and isn’t an indy band wasteland like My Space. There is also a group of “Ancient World Bloggers” there, which you are welcome to join.

    Warning, it can be a time suck. But so can blogging 🙂


  6. The CEO of the company I work for asks the question if we think enough about our online activity and how it may follow us into the future. I tread carefully about letting my data reside on other’s servers.

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