Coming Soon – Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics

The writings of Graeme Goldsworthy have played a significant role in the resurgence of biblical theology. In addition to his entry level text on Biblical Theology entitled According to Plan, his work on preaching (Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture) has also proved immensely helpful in encouraging pastors to preach all of Scripture within a redemptive-historical framework.

Later this month Goldsworthy will have another title to add to the “must read” list: Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics. In this book, “Goldsworthy examines the foundations and presuppositions of evangelical belief as it applies to the interpretation of the Bible. He then surveys the hermeneutical history of the Christian church in an attempt to see where alien approaches have deconstructed our way of reading Scripture. Finally, he reconstructs an evangelical hermeneutics rightly centered in the gospel and rightly influenced by the method of biblical theology.”

This promises to be an important contribution and I have already pre-ordered a copy.

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics”

  1. Antony,

    Sure, taunt us poor blokes in the US who have to wait for it 🙂

    Anyone who already has a copy is encouraged to comment on it so as to whet our appetite.

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