Noteworthy Blog – Hellenisti Ginoskeis: Do You Know Greek?

One of the occasional commenters on this blog, Dan Phillips, has started a new blog entitled Hellenisti Ginoskeis: Do You Know Greek? According to Dan, the purpose of the blog:

is all about reading, understanding, translating the Greek New Testament. My essays here are not necessarily disciplined, definitive articles. They are musings, observations, puzzlings, popping-offs, speculations, complaints, pronouncements, questions. I hope other students of the Greek New Testament will join in the Comments, to our mutual growth in understanding this God-breathed marvel”

The entries thus far are substantive and thought-provoking. But even more importantly, they tangibly demonstrate the value of working in the original Greek of the NT. I have already made this new blog one of my frequent stops in the blogosphere, and encourage you to do so as well. I am adding it to my list of links on the sidebar as well to encourage others to stop by and join the conversation.

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