Jonathan Edwards’ Blank Bible

Yale University Press has been publicizing the publication of Edwards’ Blank Bible, which is one the most anticipated volumes in the series. To whet our appetites, you can now download for free a pdf copy of the section on Galatians. Just click on this link:

and click on the link at the end of the post. Most notable in his notes on Galatians are Edwards’ lengthy comments on 5:17 and the work of the Spirit.

For those who may not know, the Blank Bible was Edwards self-made study Bible. He unbound a Bible he had received, placed in between each page a blank sheet of paper, and then had the volume rebound. This allowed JE to make notes on the text as he went. These notes contain his own observations/reflections on the text as well as notes from other sources, in addition to references to his thoughts elsewhere in his writings. No doubt there are many treasures yet to be mined from JE in this new volume.

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  1. I think his Blank Bible should be published as a study Bible. As much as I enjoy my Reformation Study Bible, I still think an Edwards Study Bible would be phenomenal.

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