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I am excited to report that today I officially signed a contract for the position of Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. Our family is excited about this ministry opportunity, especially the chance to train and equip pastors and missionaries to encounter Christ through the Scriptures.

The next 5 weeks will be full of details such as moving and the like. But we are so grateful to God for providing this opportunity. For the past ten years we have sensed that God was leading us in this direction, and to now come to the fruition of that calling is a joy that defies expression. It is no exaggeration when I say that I still am overwhelmed with how good God has been to us and how undeserving we are of his grace in calling us to this ministry.

I also trust that despite my teaching and writing responsibilities I will be able to continue our conversation on this blog.

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  1. Congratulations Dr. Harmon – I should say, because I may end up having you as my prof. I am a GTS student!

    Ironically, I was looking at the GTS website, saw that a Dr. Matt Harmon has been hired, then I went to Beginning with Moses to see what was new, hit Blog, Biblical Theology, and… the names matched!

    Look forward to meeting you.

    Paul from Akron, Indiana

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