Essentials in the Biblical Storyline Part 2 – Rebellion (Gen 3)

Continuing in our series of walking through the main sections of the biblical storyline, today I want to focus on the Fall in Genesis 3. What elements of this passage are crucial for understanding the biblical story? Again, think in terms of what we learn about God, humanity, the world, etc.

5 thoughts on “Essentials in the Biblical Storyline Part 2 – Rebellion (Gen 3)”

  1. Loss of access to God. God must take the initiative to restore relationship(s). Leads intermeidately to the tabernacle/temple (Sinai to Zion – Ps. 67) to come to its climax in Christ and the Church and fully realized in the NC.

  2. In Chapter 3, A specific focus on the curse and verse 15 will be crucial. The theme of “under foot” is just everywhere, and if only a portion of those are references to the bruised heel, then it would still be a good starting place. Anyway, you can really emphasize the promise made by God.

  3. Sorry, this is not Matt Harmon. I don’t want to cause any confusion, just a daily blogger trying to work out his salvation down at SBTS in Louisville. The last post was mine.

  4. What I have found interesting is that previous to the fall being introduced God is central in that He is creating and active in all that is happening but in Chapter 3 during the fall account in 3:1-7 God is not mentioned except in conversation. So while I understand that God is ever present, in a literary sense He is not there except for being in the conversation. In many ways this is a picture of the rest of scripture in that without God’s presence in ones life decisions are not that which God would desire and we are thus influenced by the world and not God. I do not know if this pushing the text or not but it does seem possible.

  5. I’d approach this on two levels. With respect to humanity’s relationship to God, they are clearly accountable to him and now under his judgment for rebellion. Yet at the same time God shows grace in (1) not ending their live physically immediately (2)promising that the seed of the woman will crush the seed of the serpent (3) providing a sacrifice that covers them

    With respect to humanity’s relationship with one another, I’d want to note that the presence of since now has ruptured the harmony between human beings, introducing guilt, shame, and suspision.

    Also I’d want to be sure to mention the curse placed on the ground. THis line of curse is picked up in the history of Israel, defeated at the cross, and consummated in the new heavens and earth.

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