The Role of Faith in Politics & Society

Andrew Sullivan writes an interesting piece on the intersection between Christianity and political involvement. In light of our recent post on 1 Peter 2:13-17 (see below) and the God-ordained role of government to restrain/punish evil and praise the good, how do you evaluate Sullivan’s argument?

NOTE: I would be particularly interested in the perspective of our readers who are outside of the U.S., as I am guessing they might have some particularly helpful observations that Americans at times may be blind to.

One thought on “The Role of Faith in Politics & Society”

  1. I’ll give my two cents on the issue, although not having read Sullivan article in full. I’m a brazilian, so I feel as ‘called to action’.

    First my position:
    It makes me very sad to see critics on the Xstian Right associate Francis Schaeffer’s thoughts and positions – as a post mortem endorsement to the Iraq war.
    Personnaly – and this is not the place – I would have a lot to say about what presumptuously his position would be today – based of course on what we all have tryed to learn from him.

    Although exegetically orthodox, I feel very unnease on using the same structural government of the New Testament times as a parallell to our present day. Not that the principle of civil order should not be observed – but we should consistently practice today what we have always fought in the past!

    The separation of State and Church (and what is the ‘Church’ today?) was and should always be a principle wisely observed.

    We all should be in prayer (xstians in the World) for a deep revival in our culture (general) – for we have lacked to testify and influence (different from controlling, imposing, ruling) society as a whole.

    May God convict our hearts for repentance and confession for having created a major stumbling block with muslins and with the Muslim world, towards the Gospel of Christ and His message of love and salvation.

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