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The past few days I was at the Together for the Gospel Conference, and I imagine that others who read this blog were there as well. I may have other posts on this conference, but I wanted to begin with a very open ended post to give those who were there a chance to comment on the conference. What were its strengths and/or weaknesses? Favorite speaker or message?

NOTE: Tim Challies has detailed notes from the various sessions at T4G for those who couldn’t attend or need a refresher on all that was said. Thanks, Tim.

3 thoughts on “Together for the Gospel”

  1. I was there and have already posted a lot at my blog. I think the weakest thing was that there were only two bathrooms easily accessible from the conference hall, that was bad. Really, I didn’t come away thinking anything related to the conference was done poorly. The best thing, in my opinion, was the way in which every speaker gave information that can be applied in ministry, there’s no straining to come away with something practical. My favorite speaker was R.C. Sproul, I came away from his message enlightened, humbled and better equipped – but all of the speakers were excellent, even the Cessna.

  2. I thought the conference was grand as well. I agree with James, the bathrooms were a draw back. I am still feasting from the meat that was presented to me. The only thing I thought might improve the conference is to maybe take out on epanel discussion in the evening and allow more time for pastors to network. Any thoughts?

  3. I agree the bathroom situation was bad, and I’m not sure that that section of Louisville is equipped to service 3,000 men who all want to eat during a 2 hour window.

    I also agree that a more direct opportunity for pastors to network would have been welcome, perhaps organized by region.

    I am eager to see what happens in 2008. I may post at some point on Lig Duncan’s message on preaching the OT; there might be some fruitful discussion to be had there.

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